Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Comes Early To Western WA

This just in....

The snow flurries that started around noon today have accumulated enough for Cookie Monster to head outside dressed like the little brother in A Christmas Story so she can throw snowballs off the deck.

Also, in other news, because it was so stinkin' cold this morning (for us webbed-footed Washingtonians anyway), we Wii'd it up a little. We all weighed in and i was delighted to find that i now weigh under 300 lbs!! Woot!! That's 7 pounds less of me in 2 months! 49 more to go and we can start trying for another little cookie...except maybe this one we'll have to name Snickerdoodle or Whoopie Pie. :)

Like i said, Christmas came early! Do you think it's too optimistic to think that one could possibly shed 15 more pounds before February 3rd?

Now it's off to make dinner. I have a feeling Cm will be eating her meatloaf sandwich outside. There's no dragging her away from the white stuff!!


  1. Oh! Good for you! I've lost 50 pounds as of today and hope to lose another 30 pounds before I retire. It will be nice to be 80 pounds thinner (even though I'm wrinkled now)


  2. Gotta love wintertime in the Pacific Northwest! My boys cannot wait for the snow to fall!


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