Tuesday, December 20, 2011

If It Ain't One Thing...

Hello Friends,

Being the end of the year, it's doctor appointment time, eh?  All of us have busy schedules already, but when something comes up at a well check, it just makes this time of the year exponentially more stressful.  Do you know what i mean?

Well, we feel that way here at our house anyway.  A routine skin check has lead to the discovery of a spot of melanoma on my body.  It is as good as cancer news can be and will be taken care of with a little outpatient surgery, THANKS BE TO GOD!!  Unfortunately, the surgery is slated to occur 3 days prior to our move...ei yi ei yi ei!

I am trying my best not to be petulant about that little inconvenient fact, especially when i start feeling down or sullen; i am trying to remember to pray for those who may not have the access to health care to receive such good news .  Our country really is antiquated and unfair when it comes to such things.

Please remember to get those annual check ups!  And if you are fortunate enough to have health care insurance and a little extra pocket change to boot, please consider giving to your community resources that make annual check ups available to our brothers and sisters in our areas who are without medical insurance!!

Such seriousness also needs balance.  Wanting to share with you one of the coolest little blessings from our busy schedule:  Cookie Monster's dance school put on a holiday feis yesterday as their Christmas party.  You'll never believe what the trophies looked like.

Congratulations, Cookie Monster!!

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