Monday, November 26, 2012

Busy as a Bee


Hoping you had a wonderful holiday.  Hoping you enjoyed your family more than your food this holiday--especially this one.

This year i had a huge breakthrough.  I ate a plate of Thanksgiving goodness around 3pm for "lunch", and was hungry again by 7.  You know, like any other day (should be.)  Huge success for me!  Especially when part of a mob at a dinner party.  Showed up at the scale on Saturday too...look at me, 3.5 pounds lighter.  Woot!  Now if i could just find a way to work in a walk during a visit like that, however people might misconstrue that as being "unsocial", i guess.  I'll get up the nerve, someday.  Point being, i felt completely well going to bed and absolutely wonderful the next day. 

If i keep this up, Nona might just have a little bro and sis before too long. :)

We have been busy with other things than holidays as well.  Irish dancing.  Merry Birthday Making.  Entertaining visitors. Mostly conceptual, right now, but we are slowly wading into this farming gig by meeting some individuals well on their way to providing locals with a "food source" and questioning them heavily.  Thankfully, a woman with much success on and off her farm has called to order a small group farmers in our area and we have been trading ideas online with regard to sharing of farm chores.  I feel as if i've moved to Vashon Island (without the arsenic or the ferry ride.)  Very excited to meet these individuals at our inaugural potluck in January.

We are shaking up school as well. I haven't the patience anymore for things that bring my child to her knees pleading for something less boring.  We are reading lots, plugging along with math, in the throws of learning chores and cooking things as well.  But Cookie's new passion?  Making movies!  So we are learning how to do that, as well as the various ways to put together a movie via a few different computer programs.

I'm entrenched at the moment in homemaking.  Finding recipes for household items for this month's Urban Farm challenge.  Making sure the seed companies all have my current address. :)  Knitting.  Sewing.  Package wrapping.  Yardwork.  Decorating for a majour holiday.  You know the gig. Also trying to add more exercise to my long list of daily chores.

Hoping you have a wonderful week ahead of you!

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