Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sockity Socks

Here's what staying up late at night until 2am with a pair of #2's and some 100% merino sock yarn from A Swell Yarn Shop will get ya---me and my dear friend, J, treat ourselves to a craft classes for our birthdays. Since it was my birthday last, i choose the Toe Up Sock Class with the Magic Loop Cast On (all this taught in 4 hours of class time over the period of a week) at our local yarn shop, Renaissance Yarns. Oy vey! What a challenge! However, the sock looks pritty darn spiffy for a beginner, if i do say so myself. I think the work's good enough it could pass QC #18 when i have to work in a sweatshop once China takes us over; i just need to knit faster if i want to make more than 2 cents a day. :o)

Still need to finish the cuff today and tonight at our final class we are going to construct the "afterthought heel". I'll place a photo once we get that done. Then i have to figure out when i am going to have time to finish the poor lonely sock's mate. :o) LOL

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