Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Craftiness

Every year when we visit markets or craft fairs and i peruse through people's wares i always have this tugging in my heart that says, "Psst, excuse me, but you could be doing this!" (My heart is a very kind organ indeed, who oddly enough sounds like the Geico gecko.) :o)

So this year, i decided to try and start small with Cookie Monster's school fair. And her wonderful ballet teacher was nice enough to let me bring a few photos to her so she could leave them out at the fair she is working this wkend.

We'll see how it goes...i really hope the photo cards do well, cause that's really i have time for right now. The peppermint soap turned out all wrong (Martha needs to tweak her instructions in her holiday mag or i just need to come to the realisation that i could never work for Martha-hee hee), so i ended up melting most of it back down and shaping it into heart molds. "Lumps of Love" i call them, as an alternative to "Lumps of coal". ;o)

The movie bowls are really what i hope will sell well! I saw this idea once...basically it's a bowl made of "admit one" tickets and i've filled them with a couple candy bars and popcorn and the cute paper popcorn sacks. All someone would need to add is a gift card to the local movie rental store or moive theatre, or a DVD or two. I stuffed one with train videos for my dear dad one Christmas and he is the one who got me thinking that i could profit off my craftiness. :o)

The "berry medley" is the labels that Mom embroidered for my jam. They look super cute that way! Thanks Mom!

Wish me luck!

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