Friday, December 26, 2008

a 45 doily

Isn't this the cutest thing? I had seen mention of it's likeness on a blog i read once. One day i was inspired to crochet my own only i used wool so i could felt it. I'd like to use it more as a trivet of sorts for hot mugs of coffee or veggies.

This one i made for my WW leader. I made it a little frillier for her because she likes all that frilles! :O) I love how even though it's felted you still get the effect of the hole that would fit onto the post in the stereo. Love Love Love it! I think now that it is felted, it would be cool to go back over the top with her favorite song or singer. I'll think about doing that before i give it to her.

I think when i make mine, i'll make it less frilly and i'll stitch RCA or Victorola on it.

It certainly was an experiment, because i had never crocheted in the round before and i had never felted before! Turned out pretty good for a novice, don't you think?

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