Friday, March 25, 2011


One of my most favourite blogs in Blogland is doe-c-doe, written by the multi-talented and just plain fun Gina (whom is also admired for her kind, sporting, and fashionable dog, in certain circles.)  She's the type of person that i believe anyone would adore as a neighbour--i know i would--especially if she wouldn't mind bringing along her accordion to serenade the other guests at a party you might host!  :)

Recently she visited Seattle with her sisters, and i've immensely enjoyed her photos of familiar sights  (i'm still trying to figure out where some of those items in the antique posts are from and am desparately hoping she will allow me to purchase a copy of her photo of the laughing manequin!)

Also, i noticed that she expressed interest in the Elephant Car Wash sign that she didn't get to see before the trip was over, however mentioned a return trip.  I'd like to give her a few tips on other sites, if she would allow me to recommend some. 

Dear Gina,

Your photos from Seattle are amazing!!  Thanks for sharing your trip with us.  After reading about your wish to visit our area again someday, might i suggest the following sites for your entertainment value.
There's Buca di Beppo, a family style Italian restaurant near the Space Needle. 
Complete with their Pope's Table,
 colourful signs, 
 and poster covered walls, it makes for a memorable feast.
If you know when you'll be dining, you may find a reservation for the "kitchen table" in order (it's a booth just across from the kitchen, so you get to see what everyone else in the place is ordering.)

There is the city of Tacoma, WA.
Where you can find the gorgeous glass works of Dale Chihuly,
 And wonderfully intricate old buildings,
 and one of the famed Elephant Car Wash signs.

 If you happen to come during the holidays, you will be able to see the "Tacoma Self  Elf Storage".

For your shopping pleasure, there happens to be a couple little towns down south of here that are hubs for antiquing.  They even sponsor something called "Trail of Charms" , where you can build a charm bracelet as you visit the different stores.

If you ladies feel so inclined on a trip, a visit to the ol' skool skating rink is a must!!

Hoping you get to visit us in WA real soon again!  You may even want to plan a trip to Vashon Island (where the city motto is "Keep Vashon Weird") or down to Olympia because that place is oozing with coolness too!!  Oh.  And if you visit in the summertime, bring your SPF--contrary to popular foke lore, it hardly rains after June 21st.

P.S.  Sorry you didn't make it in time to enjoy the Enchanted Forest.

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