Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Really?!? Has it Been Two Weeks??

Hey. Hi. Remember me? Yea, it's been a while. How are you? Hoping Spring has found it's way into your part of the world. We've been up to our ears in spring drenchers around here, so no planting has been finished. I want my, I want my, I want my fresh grown broc co li... Wah!!

We've been super busy around here. There's been school, school, swimming, swimming, swimming, dancing, coffee dates, and more school. I signed up for a 2 day course on "how to homeschool" through our state association and thought i'd glean a few ideas, meet some new people, learn a little more about the law, and be finished. Oh, no! :) It's considered a college course. We have homework, people! Homework!! We have a week to read a text on homeschool methods, to write a paper, article, interview, or a letter to our child about why we do what we do. You can probably guess which i chose. And it's going to be graded! Eeek!

But before all this (thank goodness the final class is this Saturday, because i can't handle all this pressure) we'd been busy working on the embroidering the sash for the Communion dress, cleaning out the house more in hopes of listing it this summer, and accumulating and making items for a special someone's "60/60" package. That's when you send someone a gift to remind them to enjoy the last 60 days before they celebrate their 60th birthday. I made a little spring-ish bunting.

We've been enjoying the last few quiet days of winter. We're really looking forward to visiting with friends this Friday for a little impromtu DEAR Day party--the kids will be playing, maybe working on a little school or art project and whenever us parents feel like it we will shout out "Drop Everything And Read" and the kids will grab a book and their sleeping bags and get to it. Should be fun. We are even encouraged to go in our jammies. Hooray!

Hoping you are having a productive, yet relaxing March.

See ya here again real soon.



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