Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Beginning of My Life as a Greenhouse Gardener

This weekend, i took a break from unpacking boxes, threw caution to the wind, closed my books, and rolled up my sleeves. I have always been the type of person that "learns more by doing", so why should starting seeds in a greenhouse be any different, eh?

Planted the first seeds while saying a little prayer to St. Fiacre, who incidentally seems like quite a character as it is also noted that he is the Patron Saint of French Cabbies, too. Can you imagine the gardens of the cab drivers in France?? :)

Having read on The Internets that onion seeds start well in Western WA without added light, i started with them first.  I used Botanical Interests "Ringmaster".  I also started some of BI's Buttercruch lettuce to see if it will do well too. 

Here are a few shots from the inside of the greenhouse, before it gets any junkier. :) 

As previously mentioned, this is the greenhouse know as Short.
Very appropriate, considering how short the door is on it.

With that tea mug out there, you'd wonder if anything
was really getting done, eh?

the propane heater

volunteer geranium

We discovered that we have a neighbour who used to be a master gardener and has lived in this area all his life.  He is a nice ol' chap, and visits with regularity.  He was mentioning that the soils here on our property have never been amended, hence why most of our trees and plants are "not happy".

Funny that he mentions that, because walking out in the garden area last week and seeing how much water collects out there...i kind figured we wouldn't doing much but soil or raised bed building out there this year.  Especially when you throw in the need to get our old house and yard ready for sale.  Ei yi ei!

So, i think this year, i will be focusing on planting in the greenhouse known as The Abominable Growman (formerly known as Venti.)  There are quite a few boxes in there, in need of some soil, but hopefully we will at least get some tomatoes, peppers and onions out of the deal this year.

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  1. What fun! I'm jealous! Grow lots!



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