Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spring's Left Its Calling Card

If only buying Spring were this easy, eh?
It seems as though Spring is edging Winter out around here.  Oh, it's not that Ol' Man Winter isn't putting up a fight.  A couple days ago we had wicked hailstorm.  Yesterday, we had ice in the morning, but Spring won the noontime arm-wrestling match and we had a beautiful sunny afternoon. 

All that sun we've been having is helping the plants wake up from their winter's nap.  I can't wait to identify some of these plants!

Peep came over for a visit too.
He's a riot--he comes over to visit two or three times a day and when the girls see him,
they go running to him.  The chickens are ready for springtime too.

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  1. He will wreck their backs, but if you could let him in for a short would have more chicks!



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