Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Genuine Hilarity

Some of our chickens get more and more silly looking by the day.

Fro the Debutante
 Fro has become such a mellow chicken, that Cookie Monster has adopted her as her own.

Frequently, you'll find Cookie in the yard cuddling Fro like she was a baby doll or something.

Then there's Moe...
he seems to hang with the Barred Rocks the most.
Right now, they are terrorising the garden. :(

Sometimes it hard to make heads or tails of the Silkies.

Silkie bottom
 Class of 2012 (with some notable exceptions)

Remember the chicks i got for my birthday?

Cuckoo Marans :: 1 month old

They grow up so fast, bless their little chicken hearts!

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  1. Those are just perfect for a little girl...nothing plain Jane here...all sorts of cute!



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