Friday, July 13, 2012

Halleluah! Look Linda Look!

Once upon a short time ago, there was a very generous and kind farmer who sent us bags of heirloom beans to plant and eat. But with our cool June-uary, we were a bit relucant to place the seeds out to grow, afraid they wouldn't sprout, or worse, would be devoured by the enormous slug population.

Finally, the last day of June, we couldn't stand it any more.  Out went some seed on top of some freshly raked in Moo Doo, and we crossed our fingers!  So far, the only ones that have sprouted are the Bumblebee beans.  We are going to try a second planting of the Bingo and Lena Cisco's this week.

Thank you soooooo much, Linda and Terry, from all of us!
Whit, Moose, and Cookie Monster

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  1. You are very welcome! I hope they produce for you!



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