Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy Lil Bee

Boy-o, what a busy week we had last week! We celebrated Moose's birthday in one of his favourite spots in the world: his family's place in the San Juan Islands. It started with lots of shopping and creative packing. Then come departure day, we moved to lots of semi-idle sitting like this.... Cookie Monster read her magazines, Moose read the paper, and i crocheted some granny squares along the way, so it wasn't completely idle time, but it was nonetheless a typical morning's drive from south of Seattle to Anacortes and a bit of a wait at the ferry dock. Yawn! Well, all except for the part between Mt. Vernon and Burlington where there are gorgeous little farms along either side of the freeway and a few creeks and rivers that will provide me with an endless supply of names for my barn cats, when i have a barn. Would couldn't love a mouser named Skooumchuk, eh? Too bad the freeway had to be built in between such a picturesque ag area, but that is a rant for another day, eh? Another rant for another day is about the state's K-9 units patrolling the ferry docks--officers walking the dogs up and down the aisle, encouraging the dogs to sniff under all car bumpers and in wheel wells. When did that become o.k.? After the dog and officer went up one side of our car, i conducted a little experiment and stood outside my vehicle. Next time they headed down towards the car, they skipped us. Huh.

It was wonderful just to get to the cabin...especially since it required such an early departure to get the last a.m. ferry ride to the island.

And after lots of ferry boating, there was much row boating done by Moose and Cookie Monster. It was her first time in a dinghy and first time rowing. What do you think? I'm not sure if she enjoyed it or not.
(too bad i am still so inept with a camera, because if this weren't overexposed, it would be the best picture of the whole trip!)
As you can imagine, there are plenty of stories, pictures, and such to share. Enough to last a couple weeks anyway, when combined with my daily ponderings i'd like to share: my dream job, my developing love of Dylan Ratigan...well, his brain and his rightly pointed anger at the U.S. Gov't--we should all be so angry and vigilant (but then they'd think we were French--did you see the French farmers took their tractors to the streets in protest against commodities markets and the gov't? I think they'd be busy with planting seed this time of year, but hey, what do i know? I'm not a French, a farmer, or a French farmer. They might want to be careful what they ask for, or they could bring the plight of the US farmer their way!!) and the surprise i fell in love with that we found in the cabin this time!! I'm still behind in my gardening posts too. Ei yi ei!
However, during my Lenten break from here, i am happy to report that homeschool is back on track, along with other tasks around here. I really missed reading everyone's updates though!! Still no new news on the home-buying-front--things are getting sucked up so fast with the hype about the $8k credit charade ending and the "possibility of mortgage rate hikes". Only things that are left are newly constructed crap-mansions with plenty of acreage under power lines or older crap-mansions with plenty of acreage under high voltage powerlines. So, we sit and wait, patiently....inhaling the 2nd hand smoke from our neighbours and averting our eyes from the bikini baristas at every turn from our home. Aaah, what a life!
Tomorrow, i promise, much less sarcasmism and tons more pictures--that may be in focus even! :o)

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