Sunday, April 25, 2010

One Of Those Days

We've been roughing it the past few days.  The cabin has no electricity, no running water, but it does have an outhouse.  :o)

I love taking this vacation, because I can give myself a jolt of humility-correct my thoughts that I could actually live like this indefinitely -- off the grid as they say.

However I have a question to ask might be a revolving sort though, and your comment could be "beware of vicious circles" or rather chicken vs. egg-ish. 

Does all the living off the grid we've done the past few days get wiped off the records when I paid another $1.50 this morning for a second round hot water at the marina's showers just so I could stand under it? 

I needed it though you see, as when I stepped out from my first 5 minutes of hot water, proud (read: full of myself) that this was the second day in a row that I beat the shower clock, I promptly knocked my nice, clean, dry, "only towel I brought with me" towel in the toilet.

In the infamous words of Charlie Brown...


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  1. You made me laugh!!!!



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