Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today i planted.....

1- 2ft row "Early Snowball" Cauliflower (Ed Hume)

1- 2ft row "Buttercrunch" Butterhead Lettuce (Botanical Interests)

1- 2ft row "Parris Island" Romaine Lettuce (Ed Hume)

1- 2ft row of "Sassy Salad" Mesclun (Botanical Interests):
(a blend of arugula, lettuces, spinach, tatsoi, chards, endive, and mustards)

Inbetween my "Candy" onion sets (from the local nursery), i sowed "Little Finger" & "Rainbow Blend" carrots (Ed Hume)-- a little trick i read in Great Garden Compansions by Sally Jean Cunningham.

A second planting of "Olympia Hybrid" Spinach (Ed Hume)...

and a second planting of snap peas: my "Sugar Snaps" (Ed Hume) previous planted on 02.15.10 didn't have the greatest germination rate (maybe there are about 6 plants out of a whole 3 rows running 6 ft. long that i can find that sprouted)...our temps were mild enough, but i think it was a package i had around for 3 - 4 years. Expected, eh? So i've replanted a 3- 2ft rows today with "Sugar Daddy" snap peas from Irish Eyes.

Note to self: succession plant with other open lettuce packages before tearing into "Red Sails" lettuce, as it is listed as a "heat resistant" variety.

Also, for this weekend: plant taters; shop for dwarf, self pollinating plum tree and other plants like lavender, hardy herbs, and Icelandic poppies for celtic cross garden; mulch rhubarb.

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  1. It will be Mother's Day before I get to plant. I am so jealous. But I know my time is coming.



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