Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Stills :: Graveyard

I love cemetaries!! Who doesn't, eh? Thanks for the much beloved subject matter, Ed! This week's Sunday Stills is about graveyards. And while i could show you the teeniest postage stamped sized pioneer cemetaries around our city, the two Catholic cemetaries nearby, various internment centers for our nation's soldiers, or visit Jimi Hendrix's memorial, i decided to do something a little different.

A few blocks away from our house is a place called The Pet Haven cemetary.
The newly interned.

It's such a small area, but is set up just like a people cemetary. They have a mobile awning for incliment weather, a chapel (for visitation/open casket you think??) Right next to it is an apartment complex--it must be eerie to have a balcony overlooking the pet cemetary, eh?
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  1. We have a pet cemetery too, but no chapel/awning. Makes sense. Nice shots.

  2. This is very touching.

  3. I love my pets just like children. So cool!


  4. Very interesting..we have our own little areas back here in the woods with their markers. Of course they are all covered with snow now:)


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