Tuesday, September 25, 2012

4 Cords and 7 Months To Go...

Over the summer, Moose had four cords of wood delivered.
Our home doesn't have a central heating system.  Just a wood stove, a propane stove, and a few electric wall units that we really don't use much.  Well, with one exception: the bathroom heater--that we use alot in the dead of winter because it makes coming out of the shower much more enjoyable. :)
We're hoping this delivery, combined with the one cord we had left from January, will be enough to keep our family nice and roasty-toasty during the winter months.  Moose and i are still on the fence, wondering if paying for firewood to heat this home is cheaper than paying an electric bill over the winter months at our old house.
Funny, the things we have to think about now that we live in a little home in the country. :)

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