Sunday, September 16, 2012

4th of July :: Small Town Style

I wanted to share with you our town's July 4th celebration.

I's a bit late.

Everyone know's after Labour Day you aren't supposed to talk about summer celebrations.
Or wear white.  Wearing white while talking about summer celebrations is really a no-no.
Good thing i'm wearing purple. :)

This was our first time to the parade.
We found out it contains everything you'd expect from a grand ol' Fourth celebration.

The parade has fire trucks,

Veteran's, who receive standing ovations and applause their whole walk down the parade route, 

ponies in saddle shoes, 

the man who caught the Green River Killer who is the incumbent in a house rep race.

Lots of political opinions,

old cars, 

and the Log Show Queen, which was completely unexpected!

Plenty of cute kids and mules.
Who can resist when they are together?

The local chapter of Kiwanis walked the parade route giving away these beautiful American flags.
We were very happy recipients of one.

Our first flag at our new house.

And in more happy holiday goodness, the city fortuitously moved the fireworks show this year into town, as a pair of nesting bald eagles were at the fairgrounds where they usually have the show.

From our balcony, we enjoyed watching the fireworks sparkle with Mt. Rainier in the background, 

sunset, & 

the moon rise over the ridge behind our little farm.

It was a lovely way to spend the first Fourth of July at our new home!

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