Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cha Ching! The Great CFL Experiment.

What's that sound you say?  Sounds like coins jangling in your pocket?  Nay, it's dollar bills swishing together in your wallet!

Last month, Moose completed his energy saving experiment by converting all our 25+ light bulbs in our home to the new CFLs.  We choose GE's "Trusty Edison 60W Look-a-like" version, that has a coiled CFL enclosed in frosted glass shaped like traditional bulbs we've all grown up with.  Only this bulb only uses something like 13W.   They were on sale at our one stop shop in the city, $10 bulbs for $2, so we figured we had nothing to lose for that price.

Proof was in the electric bill this month, when the total billing dropped by $45!!!  And thusly practically paying for themselves all in a single billing cycle!

Now, that's not to say we're in love with these bulbs.  About a minute after you turn them on, they flicker and emit this strange pink hue for a while, which thankfully grows brighter in a few minutes.  We do love that the 60W-ers are practically bright as the summer sunshine--you could burn your corneas when you glance in a light fixture's direction.  That will really come in handy around the end of May...when we hit our 230th day under dark grey skies!

We would love to replace them though, because of their strange flickering habit, at some point next year.  Thinking we could unload them at a garage sale, and trade up. 

Does anyone have an recommendations for energy saving light bulbs out there?

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