Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Almost Ready for Market

Kent Home

We've been spending our free time up at the old house again--for the final push before market.  I am excited to show you some of the projects we have been working on.  This house is almost unrecognizible to the one we moved into as newlyweds.   Over the 12 years Moose and i lived there, the carpet was replaced, and removed again to reveal hardwoods, the aluminum windows were replaced with wood, all the beige kitchen appliances were eventually replaced with black and stainless steel models when they kicked the bucket, dated and unfunctional 1960's light fixtures were replaced.  Tons of experiments in paint color and decorating were conducted and much was learned here.  The exterior was repainted when we did the windows.  The yard was a blank slate of grass when we moved in, and we enjoyed shopping for trees and plants we added for interest and food.
Lots more things to memorialize, the contractor is done with his sprucing up projects, and now grime detail is in full swing, but i'll start with this first project.

She just got her exterior all spit-shined this past week.

Kent Home

The front garden has been completely detailed.  Wishing we had done this when we lived there. So much more room to plant now for the new owner's to be--the grass was hand dug out by a yard crew of men in one afternoon.  If it was mine, i would got through and plant the entire thing with herbs, more berry bushes, and lots of perennials flowers.

Kent Home

They tore through the sod in the rockeries.  I did this once the first summer i lived at the place.  What a job!  Most likely it will grow back in a couple months, with the warm weather and sunshine, but it looks nicer now than ever.

Kent Home

With housing inventories plummeting in the Seattle region, we are hoping these projects we've spent the last year tackling make for a quick sale, at full price. We shall see.....

more on new projects tomorrow

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