Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Skills

Aside from my newly developed duck doctorin' skills, i've discovered another talent of mine.  And boy oh boy, how addictive it is. 
I knit socks!

This is my second pair in a month.
Cookie has a pair of pink striped ones.
Funny thing about hand knit socks.
Cookie requested more new socks as her feet are approaching u-boat proportions, so we checked out the offerings at the shoppes recently.  "Hmmm, i can't find any that are my style, Momma.  Their either too black or too colourful or too girlish."  Then the light bulb lit over her head and her lips curled like the Grinches as she said, "Hey Momma, can we go back to the yarn aisle?  If i can find a few balls of yarn i like, maybe you can just knit me more socks."  We came home with skeins for a purple pair, a lime green pair, and a pair like those pictured above. :)
Think it's time for someone to learn how to knit herself, eh?

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