Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Things I'll Miss

Before we put our house on the market, i wanted to document the things i will miss about it.  I went through it to take pictures of things i always liked about it.  I think it's helped me's not so much the house i'll miss as much as the stories that are housed within it. 

The Nursery:

Seaside Seaside 2

This room has the distinction of being the first room Moose and i designed together. We were eager to carve out a space for a baby after we were married, and decided we wanted to inspire our child with the gifts of the sea: lighthouses, sand dunes, waves, sea critters. We found the border at a local paint store and chose colours from it, painting the walls a sand colour and the ceiling the colour of the sky. We decorated with sea shells and sand dollars from trips to Oregon and lots of sea themed gifts were received when Cookie was born. Grandma made curtains and bedspreads.  We collected lighthouses and driftwood to add to the space. And books. Lots of books. Eventually, this was Cookie's big kid room, complete with big girl twin bed and a little kitchen so she had a little studio apartment for her and her stuffies. :)

Our room

Bedroom 2 Bedroom

This room was my favourite because it was our bedroom under the trees.  Some nights you could lay in bed and moon gaze.  On 4th of July it was great to watch the firework shows linger perched up in bed.  The thing i'll miss the most is the paint.  After my miscarriage, i choose this project as a distraction.  I spent hours and hours focusing on rolling paint on the walls, helping my heart to heal rather than spiraling into the desperate "whys" of it all.  It was my therapy.  Once we were all finished with the house, i couldn't help but take Moose in there for one last kiss goodnight in our first bedroom. :)

Wooden Stairs

Wooden Stairs

I've always been partial to wooden stairs. There's something old fashioned about them.

The Intercom
Nutone intercom

This is something i wished we would have gotten around to.  When we first moved in you could catch AM radio on it, but soon after it gave up the ghost.  It needed new tubes, or just to be rebuilt with a wireless hub on it would have been great.  I would have loved to have it to talk to each other in such a big house.  And as a way to answer the front door. :) 

The Craft Room

Craft Room

The best thing about this room is the colours...Belgium Chocolate and Lotus Flower.  It's the room design where i learned that for me, ceilings look so much better in a creamy, off-white colour in an area where grey skies rule 9 months out of the year. :)

The Bathroom

beautiful sink Tiled Shower

This is a heavenly little bathroom full of vintage goodness.  I love, love, love the tile walls and the original cast tub.  I documented the sink's design very well, because i would like to replicate it here in our new space.  The sink is undermounted, and water was retained in the sink space, rather than left pooling around the entire counter.  :)

Period Light Fixtures

Hall Light

Some of these glass light fixtures in the house were great.  I could have brought them all with me, but in the end, i could only bring my favourite.  It's really sad when houses get their originality gutted out of them.  Maybe the buyers will do that, but i hope people are waking up to the history and cultural assets in these old homes.  They are like the wrinkles and freckles and crooked toes that makes us people all different from one another.  This light fixture i will miss the most...with the copper coloured base and neat design in the glass.  Copper always reminds me of my dad...

In the end, all these things are just that...things.  They pale in comparison with the people that i love, the happiness we've found in our new community, the opportunities we have laying ahead of us.  They will only play a small part in my life's part of the place where my new little family began when i became a grown-up.

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