Sunday, March 14, 2010

Along My Trip To Spudsville...

My parent's visited a few weeks ago.
They took Cookie Monster back home with them so she could have Spring Break in ID.
So Moose and i decided to do something craaaaaaa-zzeee, man!
And after Moose rips 'em out, it's my turn to scrub every sq. inch of floor free of this. UGH!
I'm considering it my Lenten penance.

It's looking pretty darn good though, if i do say so myself.
Even if where the wood paneled walls meet the floor makes you feel like you are living inside a tree. :o)

But eventually the grandparents needed to be rescued from the Energizer Bunny and her crazy, frenetic energy. So, i had a road trip this weekend....and these are some of the wonderful, beautiful things that i found along the way.

Vantage, WA on the Columbia River

Hwy 28, Soap Lake

Spring Grass on Basalt Formations

Dry Falls, Coulee City, WA Bureau of Land Reclaimation Project

Old Schoolhouse, Govan, WA

and what looked like a wall o' water in Reardan, WA
turned out to be a hailstorm.

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  1. A new floor! YEAH!



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