Monday, March 22, 2010

Today we planted...

9 Cherokee Tomatos from seed (some of A&P)

9 Saucy Paste Tomatos from seed (some for A&P)

18 Di Cicco Broccoli (all for C. monster who will be appropriately renamed Broccoli Monster because she is quite crazy for broccoli!!)

Cookie Monster was all about the helping today (and yesterday when she helped Moose dig and form one of our other veggie beds!) Thankfully the sun is shining today and she's wanted to play outside. She clobbered me at Tic Tac Toe, she swung on the swings while i counted to 100 in German but i didn't get very far before we had to play Shoo the Bald Eagle Away From His Chicken Nuggets that were taking care of "chicken business" out in the yard, and we played seed store (which is where one of us is the seed store owner and the other is the customer.) Her playset has a little shop front looking cubbie on it, and the seed packets were arranged so neatly in little piles on the ladder to the clubhouse. The best part about C. monster's store is, if you happen to have any seeds left over, you just bring them back and she'll see that they get delivered to a needy family. The other best part about her playset is it can be anything she wants it to be. One time Moose and C. monster pretended it was a sailboat and that they were sailors on the seas and other times, the chickens use it to play "Hey! This is M-I-N-E!"
We also harvested 6 eggs from the nests today. Whew!

P.S. Cookie Monster would like to add that if you are thinking to yourself, "What in the monkey fleas is 'chicken business'?", here is the answer to your question: "Chicken business is where chickens roam around and peck at the grass and eat it. When we were outside, Mum said, 'I think that's duck business too.' And i talked for Mama Chicken and said, 'Ah, i think you're wrong because i don't think ducks eat grass.'"

Aawh, idn't she cute!??!

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