Monday, March 22, 2010

Soon, Very Soon

Thanks to all the time i've taken off from the Internets, i'll be learning how to finish this puppy up soon. This will be the the first quilt i've ever made: Cookie Monster's chicken quilt. It's going to be the dash of colour in her otherwise beach themed room.

I'm trying to make it as functional on a twin bed as possible. Just one more row on the sides and then i think i'll leave the rest of the width to a red polka dot border. Hoping i have enough material to make it as long as the bed. We're a family of tall people (with Cookie Monster following suit as she gained another inch over the past month), so over the years we've grown disenchanted with those little "lap throws" that can't even reach from our lap to our feet when we scrunch ourselves into the fetal position on the couch. :o)
Thanks, Mom, for the help so far!!! It's coming out even better than i imagined and the ladies at church who quilt said i've done an awesome job lining up the points. I told them, "All thanks to the world's best teacher: my mom!"
I'm not the only one getting sewing lessons this month either. While Mom and Pop visited this past month, Cookie Monster designed, and with the help of Grandma, helped sew her new bedskirt to match these curtains while Pop was teaching me to install light fixtures. :o) We're a more productive household, i tell ya, thanks to A&P!

Achoo & Poppa also did Moose and i a favour by taking Cookie Monster to the wilds of Idaho for a week so we could get some packing, cleaning and house projects done. While trying to find a simple solution to our kitchen flooring problem that didn't require us to by 12'w x 20'l lengths of vinyl and upon installing them into our kitchen's 3 ft. wide floor, we grew so disgusted that Moose decided to come home and rip out our old carpet. And we thought that was fun?!?
Just look at the fun Cookie Monster was having in ID....she helped Grandma make all 16 tabs for her curtains for the other window in her new room (she took over the nursery, since she needs more room for sleepovers with friends.)
I'm glad i am not the only one that makes that silly facial expression when i sew. :o)

Well, time for schoolin' so there's time for sewing and more sowing later.
Have a great day AND Happy Spring!

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