Monday, June 13, 2011

Gettin' Crafty

The sewing bug has bitten here lately.  Partly because of the desire to learn, but fodder for sewing comes from the unfortunate styles being marketed to the grade schooler set.  Really?  I'm supposed to dress my 8 year old lass in shorts that would make Daisy Duke blush, with the added bonus of the marketing message of the designer accented with a mess of rhinestones on the rear?  Huh?  It leaves me wondering if people who purchase these types of clothes for their daughter to wear have even a second thought about its inappropriateness.  It seems anymore that babies leave the womb and immediately adorned with clothing fit for a cutting edge runway event.

Anyway, where were we before i detoured to the soap box? 

Joann's had some adorable fabric the last time i ventured out.  It was beckoning to be made into a pair of pants for a little girl. 

*Momma Not Responsible For Western Shirt/Floral Pant Combo
This illustrates my point, exactly though in that children need that freedom of expression--more like freedom from the masses and inappropriate attention these days. 

Drawstring made and used instead of the recommended elastic
 I used Simplicity 5489, which also has a pattern for a jumper and a skirt, the latter i made using some polar bear material from The Stash.

The only difference between the pattern and the result on the skirt is that i used a French seaming technique so the seams between the body of the skirt and the cuff would be finished and not fray.  Cookie Monster is a stickler for smooth clothing that doesn't tickle. :) 

I can't believe these actually turned out!  When the ladies at the fabric counter ask what your intent is for the fabric, i always joke that it will be clothing for my daughter...or really cute reusable napkins. :)  Thankfully these worked out and didn't need to be repurposed.  She begs to wear these almost everyday--i'm delighted that they are loved and used.  Hoping with the dresses that Achoo made her last year and these items (one in the wings where i try to use the pant pattern to make shorts out of a green gingham) will hopefully get us through the summer...or two if we are lucky!  Now, comes the task of finding plain shirts that don't advertise "Daddy's Little Angel" or the like.  Hopefully it doesn't come down to making shirts...more likely we'd invest in a bunch of Western shirts before we did that! :)

Maybe for the winter, i will try my hand at cordory for a skirt and pants.

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