Sunday, June 5, 2011

Me First. No Me First.

We've been encouraging tip top behaviour around the birdhouse the last few weeks and Cookie Monster's been witnessing some of the coolest happenings in our yard, right off our deck. 
 Could school get any better than this??


I grabbed my camera tonight, with the little light we had left and the zoom maxed out, and captured some of these videos and pictures of the neighbirds.  The humming/roaring sound you hear is the traffic on The 5.  Hoping you can hear the babies over that ruckus.

Aren't they sweet??
Thanks to Ed over at Sunday Stills for his perfectly timed "Potluck" theme so i can share this with all the awesome photographers there too.  Go check 'em out.  I can hardly wait to see what inspired people this week!


  1. Wonderful! And how wide can you open your mouth?!!

  2. Great photos! And a wonderful thing for your daughter to witness!


  3. Great shots of the birds feeding. Nice job.


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