Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Wedding Sampler Worthy of My Wall

Most mornings, i spend my 15 minutes of peace reading this quirky and awe-inspiring blog called Feeling Stitchy.  There are some amazingly talented embroidery artists there...using their talents for good instead of evil. :)

A new feature at FS is Thee Stitch-a-long.  Each month, a pattern is featured and the contestants are given four weeks to complete and submit an entry. 

May's Stitch-a-long featured a pattern by artist Cate Anevski entitled PBnJ.  The instance i saw it, i knew i had found my wedding sampler.  

A sweet and simple, whimsical tribute to the day Moose and i became "Moose and Mrs. Moosey". 

Wedding Sampler

Made more jovial with the addition of our corny puns, for which we are well known for. :)

Just incase you aren't familiar with the term, "dang skippy" (of slang origin; polished up a bit because, well, we are family friendly here) is synonymous with other sayings such as "you betcha", "right-o", and "yes-siree bob", however emphasised with a bit more ummph and pizazz like a "heck yeah!" :)

I can't wait to get this baby framed and tacked up on a wall.

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