Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday's Look-See in the Garden

Hello!  How does your garden grow today?  Hoping the second "official week" of summer has been kind to you.  We had one day of summer so far this summer...June 21st.  Everyone i've had the pleasure of chatting with this past week has said the same thing--"Did you enjoy your summer?"  :)

Like Mom said this morning, we haven't had a day near 80 degrees here in the Pacific NW in 296 days!  grrrrr!

With regards to a garden teaming with produce...one just has to wait and hope.

This week's big show stealer is the peony.
Planted these babies three years ago, and they've rewarded me with their first blooms.
They are going to need to be moved though, come fall.  I thought these gals were goners, so we planted Moose's plum tree in the same spot.  Doh!

Raspberry harvest and jamming looks to be about 2 - 3 weeks away.
Razzies with the Glenora grape in the background
 Which is just about the time my folks arrive with their friends from Brasil.
Is it okay to tell international guests that we should skip the Space Needle in favour of the fine art of manual labour that is canning? :)

Com'un babies!

The birds will be feasting soon on currants.

One of the projects from the weekend...
the chickens helped with this one.
I parked the tractor over the squash patch a couple weeks ago to let the biddies do the heavy lifting of grasses and dandelions, waited for their droppings to age a little and this weekend i plucked the rest of the bind weed and dandies. I cleaned up the edges of the lawn and planted our sugar pumpkins, watermelon, zucchini and yellow squash out there.  I also planted a few pea and radish seeds to make use of the pathways i left.  They'll be long gone by the time the first summer squash come on.

the toms and potatoes are really doing well

first potato flowers
first roma toms!!

first peas
 I can't wait to try a little borage fertilizer this year that i've been reading about.

self seeding borage

Out of the cauliflower i planted, i have 10 plants left.
The others succombed to root maggots.

In other gardens around the yard....

Cookie Monster's garden is sprouting runner beans and sunflowers.

little seedlings from the packet of "Songbird Mix"
 by Botanical Gardens that Cookie sowed.

In the East Garden, all the new planting went in on Sunday.

In this area, under all the buttercups and couch grass i found a strawberry and a primrose which i combined with the sage and lingonberry--sets a nice scene with the Kent climbing rose and the Royal lavender.
my new favourite garden spot
In the area of the dead rose tree, are the hollyhocks, a sage, and lemon balm.

Lucky me :: also found an oxyalis while weeding out

The transplants near the Pope John Paul II rose seem to
be taking off too!

the constant gardener
 As you can see we've been quite busy around here, and there is plenty more to do.
However, right now, the pirate Cookie Monster arrrgh is summoning me with a piece of a treasure map.  I think it's time walk the plank....or maybe she'll make me Irish dance the plank--hop back 2,3 hop back 2,3 ...kerploosh!!

Have a great week everyone!
Get dirty!

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