Friday, July 15, 2011

Contents of My Dream Home

More dreaming of our homestead-to-be...especially as a piece of property we've been eyeing is getting within our financial reach week by week.

Wouldn't it be lovely to live in a landscape such as this?

And this house....Lawd have mercy!!
Don't you just love an old house built of rock?  I have a particular fondness for them because of one that was in the family ages ago.  I wonder if you can build these anymore--without having the bankroll of Warren Buffet or Bill Gates?

You'd never know it, but this house is on one of the busiest roads here in on the East Hill of Kent, WA.  Years ago it was very peaceful, however now it is surrounded by sub-divisions.  Too bad.

While cruising the MLS this week, i found this fabulous looking house in SW Washington.  This is my ideal farmhouse, i think.  It's layout reminds me of an old those peaks in the roofline and those porches.  A proper porch to greet guests...ah!

This house is fabulous for other reasons too!!  It's one of the only places i've seen that doesn't have a huge building erected next to it or in front of it that screams "Forget the house, look at the 3-door garage with RV parking!!"  Because people with a farm have time, er money, time for RVing. :)

The only thing i'd want designed differently in this house is a bay window-ish, 3 sided alcove area on the side facing us there by the driveway.  Because Moose and i really love this living room:

Living room of a Victorian in Walla Walla

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  1. Keep dreaming for dreams really do come true!



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