Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday's Look-See in the Garden

After an explosive night around the ol' homestead here...

i found a different kind of bouquet to from around the yard.

No wonder the Valley looked so polluted the day after the Fourth.

 Something that i don't even want to think about is all that firework "seasoning" that is now covering the fruits of our labour out in the garden.  Ewwww!

It was a quiet morning though, which lead to me meeting a few new friends out in the yard.

This cat recently moved into the neighbourhood.
He scares me because he looks just like our cat...
who isn't allowed outside. :)

Sweet ol' Puss

The towees were out...their red eyes mesmerising.

 Sir Robin visited me as well...he was a very sweet chap--he walked right up to me and asked if i cared to share a spot of worm with him for a cup of earl grey.

A hummingbird found me admiring the Jupiter's Beard.
He apparently wanted to fight for it. :)

The garden is decorated in it's red, white, and blues.

currants are ripe for the taking

First tomatoes...which have a funny story behind them.

Last month for my birthday, our wonderful neighbour brought by a gift for me--this tomato plant in a cute little trellised pot.  She shared what a deal she got on it at the local nursery, that she knows that i talk to my plants and coax them into delivering on their fruity promises, and that she thought it would be a perfect birthday gift.  Wasn't that sweet and thoughtie?  Then she pops the trunk on her car, shows me all the other plants she purchased to spruce up her front walk.  And in the course of conversation, this sweet 80 year old woman wishes me a happy birthday again and thanks me for raising this tomato for her--referring to it as our share-cropping endeavour. :) 

It's getting close to raspberry picking time!  Hurrah!

These hollyhocks will be white soon...

Fancy Knickers carnations are bloomin'

Here is an Indian Plum, one of the native species we encourage on our property

We leave the fruits for the birds, however in a couple years when we are studying Native Americans more, i am looking forward to diving into information on their uses of them.  Ink?  Food? 

After the razzies, it'll be these guys' turn

Overall, the gardens looking real nice.  We dug the grass out of the area we enlarged last year.  I planted a cold climate variety of corn this past weekend--we'll see how we do?!?  Up here near the Sound, we get just enough of a breeze to be about a few degrees cooler than the Valley.  I've decided that short season crops might be the key to getting any of those hot weather items like pumpkins, melons, or corn.

Moose has been working really hard on the curb appeal of the place...lots of weed whacking and hedge trimming. 

On the to-do's this week is razzie picking and planting more bush beans.
And enjoying a bit of our hard work.

How does your garden grow??

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