Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday's Garden Look-See

we be jammin

Raspberry season is here!  Hooray!  Moose has canned one gallon of jam today--the first jammin' of 2011.  Take that, Smuckers. :)

one gallon down....1,000,000 to go

 Our shasta daisies are a blessing this year.  They are huge!!  About 3 feet tall.  Since they are on the west edge of our garden, they've shaded the lettuces from the hot afternoon sun which has kept them from bolting!!  And they have attracted all kinds of lady bugs and other beetle-y creatures.

i think this dude's a soldier beetle

blueberries are blushing
hoping we will have some zucchini for our visitours next week

watermelons are growing v-e-e-e-r-y slowly
peas are ripe for the pickin'

Corn's up--planted it last week

Our onions are growing gangbusters!

Crop-share/birthday toms are ripening
I noticed something unusual in the garden this morning...
something that i don't remember planting.

It's a carrot left over from last year.
It's flowering now...
i think carrot flowers are my new favourite flower.

very reminiscent of hydrangeas, which are starting to bloom here.

Irish dancers are growing in our garden as well. :)
This is Cookie Monster's school dress she's earned by dancing so successfully.
The big weekend is coming up--8 dances and a grade exam for the 2nd grade.

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