Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy (Belated) St. Patrick's Day!

Hoping you had a wonderful holiday celebration this weekend!  It was a departure from the norm for us this year.  We hosted a dear friend at our new home the entire weekend, spent St. Patrick's Day tootling about the house, went to Mass and shared a relaxing dinner together with my brother-in-law, whose homily was wonderful that evening.  He compared the life of St. Patrick to the Sunday Gospel...which was not only enlightening, but very appropriate instruction for today's Catholic or Christian activists.

Our corned beef and cabbage was prepared Sunday.  It was a little different from previous years too.  Cookie brined our own beef--we tried a pot roast, as our butcher was out of his house corned beef.  We used the River Cottage recipe for brining corned beef, and somehow it turned out too salty.  Even though there is room for improvement, we still enjoyed our time together.

It's a blessing to have your traditions mixed up a bit sometimes, eh?

Hope you had a good one, how ever you celebrated.

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  1. Hope your snow is melted by now and green grass is growing well. It's warm here finally. After 7 at night and I still have all the windows in the house open.



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