Friday, March 23, 2012

My Place and Yours :: My New Kitchen

Have you heard of the meme My Place and Yours at Deb's blog Works in Progress

It's where you share pictures of your home with other brave souls on the Internets.

Once i read this, i thought, "Dear me, that would be a wonderful way to inspire myself to put more things away to be able to show you all more pictures of the inside of the house!"  So here is my contribution, late this week (i need to remember that NZ's Saturday morning is my Friday night!)

One of the things i love best about this kitchen is the space!
I feel like Food Network Royalty cooking in this kitchen, because our last kitchen was a galley style kitchen.  I believe you would call this a farm-style kitchen, as it has enough room in it for a small dinette.  Also, that blue colour is one of my all time favourites.

When we were looking at the online listing on this house, we were perplexed by the brillant blue cabinets and wondered what inspired them.  At the first showing, we discovered it was a blue found in the countertops.  I've found a "Made in Spain" stamp on the underneath.  Wondering what kind of material it is?

Who'd mind doing dishes with
a view like this to look at while you do.
In keeping with my "If I Wait til it Looks Magazine Clean it Will Never Happen" theory, i haven't left out this part of the kitchen.  Even though there is a particularly heinous pile of "Stuff Without a Home" there on the right.

In this corner, the magic happens.

Just yesterday, we made homemade cottage cheese here!

A cabinet above this area holds some of my thrifted Pyrex.

Next to the oven is a place for a trash can,
however we find it works much better as a "Kitter's Buffet".

The pantry is located in these cabinets here.
The previous owner left the pot holder.
It's a cast iron rack--i absolutely *love* it!

Two pieces of my vintage embroidery collection reside in the kitchen.
This one is my favourite in my collection:  the bag of flour labelled "Gold Medal" and
 the cookie cutters are so endearing.

I hope this sentiment holds true.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my kitchen.  To join in, just give Deb's blog a visit.  The theme changes each week and you have a week to enter.  See you there!


  1. what an unusual kitchen, but beautiful. I wish I could open the tins, and cupboards - I'm just a tad nosey. There is nothing that can make washing the dishes nicer, not even that wonderful view. But then I regularyl have a friend over for a hot meal, because she hates to cook but doesn't mind the dishes.
    (visiting from Deb's blog - so you see you get some visitors even if you are too late for the linky thingy)

  2. I enjoyed this very much. A frankly I think it does look like you!! Cute and friendly and surprisingly perfect.



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