Monday, March 12, 2012

This One's For You, Momma!

So, the thing about moving and still living so far away from your parents is that they can't just come over and see how things are progressing on the new place.  My folks rely on this blog for that. 

However, some of the changes around here just aren't ready for publication on The Internets just yet.  For the perfectionist in me. 

But houses can't look magazine ready all the time, eh?  So, guess what?  It's time to share with my mom, and the world, what our new furniture looks like.

Mom, you asked for it, and here they are--

The Dining Room Hutch
Ikea Hemnes Line

Living Room Bookcase
Ikea Liatorp Line

2nd Living Room Bookcase

TV Stand
Ikea Liatorp Line
There are eventual plans for things to make them look more tidy.  The bookcase in the dining room will be for cookbooks and school books (okay, so maybe the school shelves won't be so tidy.)  And the backs of the dining cabinets will either get a coat of paint or paper to liven them up a bit.  The cabinets in the tv stand will get some sort of treatment too so that our eccentric movie collection can't be scrutinised by every one who graces our doorstep. :) 

The bookshelves...well, they are going to remain as is.

I mean, it's not like people don't suspect we're a little eccentric. :)

So, whadd'ya think, Mom?

Thanks to Moose for procuring and manufacturing all the furniture--it's like Christmas around here, unpacking all these treasured books/teapots/pictures/etc. that have been languishing in cardboard for 5 years!!

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