Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Place and Yours :: The Neighbourhood

Cookie and I took a walk last week for the MP&Y challenge.  We've been so busy, that i am just getting around to it now.  Need to start marking my calendar, i tell ya. :)

On either side of our road are drainage ditches where we can
see lots of native wetland plants.

Skunk Cabbage

Cat tails
Walking the road is wonderful.  Most people from town will give a wide berth, and a friendly wave, to walkers on the country roads in our area. 

Toward the end of our street is Pussyfoot Creek.

Most of our neighbours are just plain cute!
They've been having babies like crazy this past month.

The Indian Plum is flowering...

It was so much fun taking our first walk around the 'hood, especially because our human neighbours are so kind.  They don't think twice about stopping and talking when they see you.  You learn so much about the area--one of our neighbour's is a photographer that specialises in photographing show horses for breeding documents.  Who knew a job like that existed?!?

Cookie thinks these cat tails look like marshmellows

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  1. You have become a country girl! Good for you!



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