Thursday, April 19, 2012

You Cannot Resist The Fish

Guess who i found yesterday??

I watched her meander across the driveway and under the shoppe where she likes to hang out now.

The past week, i have been on a mission to win her over.
It isn't going to be easy...or cheap.
I'm bribing her with tuna.
And have you seen the price of tuna in a can lately?  Sheesh!

Me thinks it's going to take a case or two....

because as cute as she is....

something still tells me that she'd like nothing better than the chance to scratch
my eyes out while i sleep.

"You do not fool me, o furless one!  I know your type, you rube!"
In other news: i found her first kill this morning in the driveway!  A little field mouse. 
Cats 1, Critters 0


  1. LOL! My "tame" cat who lives in the house would like nothing more than to scratch my eyes out. But I've explained to him that the consequences would include not getting anymore wet food.

  2. Ahhh but she will be ever so worth it!



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