Friday, April 6, 2012

Success in the Greenhouse

Just arrived home from a trip to visit my folks and look what greeted me

A Virtual Tomato Forest
 I planted these babies just before i left on my trip, and trusted Moose with their care, after a quick and dirty Seed Watering 101.  I couldn't believe it when he mentioned 2 days after i left that they were sprouting already!  By my estimates, these seeds (sourced from Irish Eyes, Uprising Seeds, and Renee's Garden) sprouted 3 - 5 days after sowing!

I planted two seeds per spot, so once the first true leaves develop, i will need to get busy repotting these 140 seedlings.  There was empty space, i planted some pepper plants.  You know me and my "learn by doing" attitude.  Later, i read that it is better to plant tomatoes and peppers separately, because the pepper take longer to sprout, increasing your chances of tomatoes getting too hot.  I'll learn better next time, i will. :)  Wondering what happens when i tomato gets "too hot"?

Cal-300 Pepper Seeds from Ed Hume
 I swore i wouldn't buy anymore Ed Hume Seeds.  Even though he is a local, he doesn't have a bustling organic seed selection.  However, for my purposes this year, i purchased his bell pepper seed to see if i could successfully grow peppers.  And i now...who knows what we will be eating, but i can't bare to sacrifice these little plants!

These first starts are chugging right along too. 
However, this morning i found large quanitities of aphids growing on a volunteer gerainium
in the greenhouse.  Arrgh!  My first test.  I found a few of them attempting to colonise the broccoli starts today, so i am off to find ladybugs this weekend.

Today i started more lettuce (my first attempt was an epic failure--due to old seed, me thinks), spinach, and swiss chard.  This little space will be filling up fast!

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