Monday, April 9, 2012

RIP Tomatoes

Dear Tomato Seedlings,

I am not worth of the dirt under my fingernails.  I have failed to understand your exact needs, and now because of my black greenhouse thumb, half of you will never reach your God given potential. 

I vow to learn from the mistakes i made that cost you your life. 

  1. Do not leave tomato flats on a heat mat after they have sprouted.  Especially in a heated greenhouse.  Especially when the outside temps reach 60 degrees F.
  2. When planting in a greenhouse, experiment with heater and vent/fan timers BEFORE you sow anything.  These devices are quirky little buggers!
  3. Check moisture levels twice a day!
  4. Have ladybugs on hand to deal with aphid infestations.  Grrrr!
Hoping that you can find it in your poor, shriveled hearts to forgive such a rookie like me.

I promise to do better next year!


1 comment:

  1. You are learning and you are getting better all the time. Next year this time you will want to sell all the extras!



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