Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fine Feathered Friends

The Chucklings are full grown now, according to our ducky book reading.
If you are thinking about getting ducks, i would highly recommend the Hobby Farm Duck book by Cherie Langlois.  She's a Washingtonian too, and often has articles in the Hobby Farm magazine.  We found it informative and digestable.

So, now that Racer, Mischeivious, and Daffy are big kids, we've been letting them out for the day.
We fill up the pool each day and immediately they jump in for a quick splash.
With the daily exercise in just the past week, Racer's foot is a heap better--he can even run now!

 Three ducks in a kiddie pool this size is just sad so....

We decided to encourage them into the pond.

Moose and the Farm Girl, herding ducks...

After a little gentle shooing ,
"Now's not slug chow time.  Let's go for a swim, guys!"
 And when we finally got them down by the pond, the ducks gave a resounding "Meh."
Seemed like they couldn't be less impressed with the place, so they started making their way back to the duck shed.

  But when they returned they found the chick-agers had declared mutiny and were eating from the duck feeder and roaming about the duck's pen.

Does this photo remind anyone else of the scene in Tombstone where the Earp Bros. are staring down the cowboys at O.K. Corral?
Showdown at Quackers Corral
 The chick-agers were unphased by the arrival of the law dogs. :)

Fro, looking stylish as ever


Barred Rock, another Silkie, and Mo in the back.
Everyone was happy to get out and stretch their wings a bit...they are ready for a new home!!
More on that next time.

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