Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not a Post for Allergy Sufferers

Not only does this post contain tons of pictures of the garden, but also of the head of our Rodent Security Detail.  I had hoped that this would be a post of some of the beautiful flowers we have around here, however, Rosie (named in honour of Teddy Roosevelt), always seemed to work her way into the shot.

She likes to play cat and mouse with me.  She'll tail me while i wander through the gardens.  Then she'll roll around and act so cute until i try to step within a foot of her personal space and then she tears off.  She's so funny!

She's hiding behind the crocosmia here.

Strawberry Fields

I walked out to get a picture of this interesting flower and the cows across the street and suddenly i heard a ruckus.... 

Peek - a- boo!
Dern fool cat!
Snowball Bush

Next to the snowball bush in the front yard is this adorable picket fence, but a nasty weed patch behind it.  Since this is out my bedroom window, i am going to spend the next few years planting it.  It'll be a long-term project, however this year, i am starting with two hollyhocks.    I've added snapdragons and some echinacae, but they will likely die or be moved next year.  Also threw in a couple of our Jarrahdale pumpkins to see how squash does out here.  I am wondering if an elderberry or two may be the ticket here??
My Humble Effort at Beautifying the Front Yard

Finding these guys all over the front yard as well....

escargot anyone? 

And because who doesn't love a rousing game of hide and seek, i leave you with this....

Flowers?  Pashaw!  Look at me!  Aren't I Cute?

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  1. What a darling cat! I'm so glad you have each other. I loved your photo shoot!



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