Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Holy Greenhouse Gases, Batman

Uh, hi.  How are ya?  Um...i have a lil' confession to make.  You remember those pictures of the produce in the Abominable Growman i showed you Monday?  Well, let me tell you a little story that will knock your socks off.

Those pictures were actually taken last week, when i had intended on showing you the progress.  Then, before you could see them, i came down with the crud.  You know, the stinky kind that produces June of all months.  Oy vey!  So, after rendered to a sniffly & sneezy hunk of bed warming goo for 3 days, i finally felt well enough to write about them. 

And today, feeling upright and spritely, i decided to take you along with me to visit the ol' A.G. to check on my pretties.  And were we ever in for a surprise, folks!

Oakleaf Lettuce and Snoball Cauliflower


Towering Ireland Creek Annie Beans

swiss chard

Purple Cherokee Tomatos and Candy Onions

first tomato!!  Hooray!
Jericho Romaine Lettuce
 And since the lettuces are starting to look a little weary, i am making it a goal to harvest them all by the end of the week.

The results of two heads of romaine and two heads of oakleaf near the kitchen sink. :)

I was brutally picky with the gleanings, because we have some much poultry around that enjoy the trimming, that i figure i can be choosy with what we eat and still reap benefits. Only instead of being so leafy and flat, they'll be more oval and have some depth to them. :)

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  1. WOW! Everything looks yummmy!



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