Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The New Coop

With the prospect of 18 chickens gracing our pasture, Moose set to work remodelling an alpaca shelter into a chicken coop.  It still needs a little paint and some fixtures to dress it up quirky like, but we will get to that later this summer.  The goal is to make the building look just as graceful as the rest of the property.

 We reused the doors from our old chicken coop that we found at the reuse store; Moose fashioned them into suicide doors.

Apparently, the chickens aren't the only ones that adore the new place. :) 

The place is huge...with the potential for more growth.  wink, wink :)
Thankfully, it just needs some wire reinforcements around the perimeter and a roost across the back, and then the new tenants can move in.

Timely, because these birds are getting fat and grumpy, and quickly have outgrown their space in the former Feline Security Headquarters.

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