Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rodent Rooter

A few days ago, we caught a glimpse of Rosie on patrol out in the chicken pastures.
The chickens really hate this, but if they could only understand the service she is providing them.  All of the cost of a little tuna fish and some dry cat food.

Here she is patroling an area at the property line where fruit trees are planted in a skinny patch of land nestled between two fences.  It's impossible to get any kind of equipment in there, even Moose's new scythe, to trim the grass.  Perfect habitat for rats, skunks, foxes for sure.

After a few paces, she crouched down.  We knew what was coming.  We were viewing this from the dinner table, as it was time for sup, but it was so hard to look away. 
We were so proud of our little mouser!

She disappeared into the hedge of grass for a few minutes.
Suddenly, she came galavanting through the chicken pasture with her trophey.  Victory!
Man, that rodent was *huge*!

Dancing and praise commenced in honour of our little mouser's accomplishment!

That is until we found where she left it for us...right on the deck, under our dinner table out there. 
UGH, Rosie!

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  1. She is just sharing with you, because she loves you and wants you to be proud of her.

    Sammy shares with Monkey, makes him worried because she won't go outside so he wants to bring her mice or birds all the time.



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