Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rosie came running to me while i started my field patrols yesterday morning, speaking to me with Lassie-like tenaciousness.  "Meeeeow, murr-oow," she exclaimed then gave me the "look" that means "Come this way...follow me, follow me...aren't i cute?  This way!"  You know the one, eh?  So off we went to investigate the mystery.

She led me to our pumpkin patch.

"Mee-oow!"  "Yes, Rosie, it is unfortunate that we haven't had any flowers on our pumpkin vines yet."  "Rouw?" "No, i'm afraid if we get any pollination this month, the pumpkins won't be able to grow large enough to become a jack o'lantern before frost." "Rrrow, Mwow!"  "Oh, that wasn't what you asked?"  "Meeeow," she exclaimed as she dived into the plants and pointed out what she was concerned about.

Was it a bird's nest full of babies?  Was it a dead mouse she wanted praise for?  Had she found a hidden pot of gold that Cookie is always looking for in the garden?

What is it Rosie?  What is it?

"Oh, pooh."

Turns out, all she wanted to show me was a pile of scat.
Thanks, Rosie.
Next time, let me get my cup of coffee and breakfast first, okay? :)

"Hey Daft Humanoid That Brings Me Tuna, Who Pooped in the Pumpkins?"

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  1. Good Kitty! That looks like predator scat! A warning to all!



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