Saturday, March 14, 2009

Busy Saturday

Today started off real slow. We didn't have much planned except for parade attending...until we discovered that the parade isn't until tomorrow (oops). Oy! So i had to make a quick recovery before my family declared mutiny. :o)

While Hubbie and Ri built a tractor from her erector set, i puttered around the house a bit. Got some things done too. Now, i don't know a single person who would want to see before and after pics of my toilet cleaning, kitchen floor mopping, or bedroom dusting--so i didn't take any. HA! Although those were also chores that got done today, here's some pictures of the fun things i accomplished.

I finished a pillowcase for Ri for St. Patty's Day. I just loved this Alexander Henry fabric i found with all the leprechans and harps. Sadly, the Irish flag on it looks more like an Italian flag, but the overall cuteness outweighed that "technicality", so i purchased some. And i loved the Celtic Knot fabric. I am thinking i'll try to buy this out on Tuesday when it goes on sale. I love Celtic Knots sooo much....

as you can see. These knots on my wedding ring are eternity knots. Seemless and unending, such as love bounds two souls together.

Here's a full image of the pillowcase.

I also got my little All In One Fertiliser/Rototillers out for a walk in the garden today. It was a wet, soggy day here--four storms are rolling off the Pacific as we speak--so there were earthworms in abundance for these gals.
Who haven't been slacking over the past couple days, either. This morning i checked the nesting boxes and there were 5 eggs! We just checked them yesterday afternoon! I think the heat lamp is getting to them. I'll be really glad when it warms up enough to turn that lamp off. Poor chickens need their winter rest!!

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  1. I recently viewed the Book of Kells and boy-oh-boy it made me itch to do an embroidery or a knitted cable based on the knotwork.


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