Thursday, March 5, 2009

The House That Wasn't For Us

Well, i think we've pretty well ruled out the house we looked at this wkend. Sadly, the property was absolutely perfect, yet the house itself was quite small. Especially once we have more kids. It would have been totally cramped when family comes to visit. The property itself was devine--complete with all the utilities in the right places for building a guest residence too. The barn had a workshop with lots of storage bays, a wood stove, 220 and regular electric, and a hot water heater. The garden shed had hot water and eletricity. The house itself had 2 acres, then 6 of it had been placed in "open space", so taxes aren't the owners responibility, but maintence and use is. It was a forest with a huge pond in the front of it...big enough for Mike to row boats in. The perfection of that was that all the forest was gated (perfect for a family of little ones to prevent any major drowning accidents.) There were Canadian geese and mallards to delight over, plus screeching hawks overhead (our chickens might not have liked that so much). Riona thought it was magical.

And it was....

It was just too much $$$ that this family feels comfortable putting forth this late in my hubbie's years. We have planned that he retires at 55, and even with the economic downturn, we'll only have to prolong that by a couple years. I would still like to stay on plan with that. And buying a house like this on a 30 year mortgage just isn't working for me--especially if my effort to go back to work after having some more kids is farming. :o) Gone are the days that farming actually pays the bills, don'tcha think?

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