Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Yard Work

We did a little work in the garden yesterday. It was a beautiful sunny day and warm, as long as you stayed in the sunshine. :o) Looking out across the neighbourhood and the Valley, all you see are snow covered mountains, so it's still pretty cool here (especially because when we woke to head to Mass, there was a slight dusting of icy snow on the grass.) Arrrgh!

That didn't stop us from some yardwork though. Hubbie got the raspberry supports built and set. Now he needs to thread the wire thru the eyebolts and then we'll be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the ruby red candies from Heaven.

The rhubarb is off to a nice start! We just planted this last year, so hopefully this year we will have a ton to use/freeze.

The Chicas got a few hours out in the yard while i dug up some of the garden and prep'ed it for planting.

And i got this bean/pea support built and planted some Alderman Peas on the North side. That is the side that faces away from the sun. I'll grow the Blue Lake Pole beans on the South side, in hopes they will shade the peas a bit and help extend their growing season if we get a warm summer. (a girl can dream, right??)

And today, under this structure, i planted Walla Walla sweets (onions). Trying to conserve my space as much as possible because i am hoping to try a new squash this year--sweet meat. My mother in law turned me on to it the last time we stayed at her place. She served some for dinner that she had frozen from her last summer's harvest. It was soooo tasty--like a butternut squash and sweet potato all rolled into one.

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