Monday, March 30, 2009

Life's Is Good At Achoo and Poppa's

After you see these pictures, we'll all be wishin' if we could be spending a week of good ol' fashioned spoilin' at Poppa and Achoo's. :o)

Ri was treated to a fine burger at the local Irish pub,

followed by a fabulous looking dessert.

Hey, Riona, the cows called...they're running out of cream!
Then Achoo gave her the little sewing machine that G'ma and G'pa bought for her so she could get to work on her doll quilts (4 of them have been "ordered".) Ri love this sewing stuff! She told Grandma it was really fun!!

You'll notice the walkie talkie...Achoo said Ri was paging Poppa everytime she finished sewing a strip together. And once Ri found out the phones have intercom on them, she'd page him on the intercom too. So Poppa was weighted down with the phone and the walkie talkie so he could stay informed with the progress on the doll quilt.

Here is the finished front sewn by my little seamstress. Today they are going sew a back on and hopefully i'll get some pictures from them and be able to post some pictures of the finished product tomorrow.

And while Ri been gone, we've been sending her "Tommy Dispatches"--updates on the adventures her stuffed bear, Tommy, has had with us while she's been away. She left him here for us incase we started missing her something awful, then he could cheer us up. So we've been taking him with us and photo-documenting some of his whereabouts. Then he's been writing a note to her about his adventures on the family blog so she can see what he's been up to. Here are some of his goings-on:
climbing a tree in the front yard

going for a walk with our chickens

and checking my email for emails from Ri.

He even helped iron Hubbie's clothes and watched a little tv last night. He's been a very busy little bear!!

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  1. What a darling little girl! I love your bear posts and her sewing is really good.

    I learned to sew from my paternal grandmother. What lovely memories.



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