Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ri's Curtains

Mom is an amazing seamtress. My daughter has fabulous tastes! What can i say, but that i am surrounded by awesomeness! :o) It'd be nice if a little more sewing skill would rub off on me. :o) Hee hee!

Mom took the fabric home Ri had picked out for her bedroom curtains. We worked out design over the phone and this is what she came back with this visit.

Ri's room looks truely sweet with them. And she'll have the option of using the curtains or sheers that Mom made her. She is chomping at the bit to spend a night in her room with her new curtains. Tonight's the night! Maybe she'll sleep till 8am tomorrow morning to give me and Hubbie enough time to pack up the car. :o) Although, truth be told, as long as she's sleeps past 5:30am, i'd be on happy Momma. I think these curtains will help that problem--hooray!!

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